User-Centred Design

We practice user-centred design so that the programmes and strategies we develop with clients can be more relevant, sustainable, and inspiring for the people they serve.

What this looks like

We tailor a clear process for learning about the needs of your users. We make sure the people you are designing programmes and strategies for remain at the heart of the development process - through data, insights and stories. We share and practice design thinking tools and approaches to inform the user research and turn what we learn into insights about your users. With this, we are able to generate, prototype and test ideas that are more likely to engage people.


Playful & Purposeful

We use play to unlock new ideas and ways of working that motivate and inspire.

What this looks like

We design workshops that people enjoy. We consider venues carefully to make welcoming and creative environments for thinking and planning. We use music and gamify activities to help you think differently. We take inspiration from different artform approaches. Everything we do in our time with you - however playful - will be purposeful and directly inform what you are trying to achieve.