How might we...help you bring people together to dream, collaborate, and plan?

We design and facilitate workshops and events that respond to the priorities and motivations of the people in the room. We work with you to understand these needs and tailor our playful and purposeful methods to make sure you get what you need in the time you have.

We are trained coaches, experienced facilitating everything from strategy meetings of 3 people to consultation events and conferences with dozens or hundreds of attendees.

We understand that when people come together, their starting points may be very different. Our approach enables people to air their assumptions, identify shared priorities, and draw on the diverse expertise present in every team.

CLIENTS include

Jerwood Charitable Foundation

National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance

Greenwich + Docklands International Festival

University of Birmingham

University of Warwick

Goonhilly Earth Station

National Theatre

Service List

  • Board and Team Away Days

  • Conferences and Open Space / Unconference events

  • Consultation events, both internal and external

  • Project planning and reflection sessions

  • Partner and stakeholder engagement workshops

  • Iteration workshops e.g. for projects or strategies ready for renewal

  • Facilitated Design Sprints

Get in touch for a conversation about how we could help you bring people together to dream, collaborate, and plan.